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Using SSI With Toggle Buttons

Tutorials    Sep 17, 2013    25 Comments

A fancy drop down buttons using SimpleMachine's API. SSI.php provides ways to add live information to your website by linking to your SMF Forum software. This is very useful for attracting further interes...

Highlight Any Text In Your Posts Using a BBC Button

Tutorials    Sep 14, 2013    1 Comments

Highlight pieces of text in your posts and other parts of your forum using a bbc button in SMF. A light background color will wrap your texts to call your users attentions. Useful for making lists, t...

Create a Custom Menu for SMF

Tutorials    Sep 13, 2013    2 Comments

Pretty neat menu that when hovering the icons, it reveals the text and pushes over. It can be used on a top or bottom HTML/PHP block and add your custom links etc. Also it can replace the default menu fro...

Slim Top Progress Bar Using NProgress.js in SMF

Tutorials    Sep 12, 2013    0 Comments

A nanoscopic progress bar. You have seen the slim progress bars like on YouTube, Medium, etc. Featuring realistic trickle animations to convince your users that something is happening. Very easy to implem...

Private Message Sidebar Icon Count

Tutorials    Sep 11, 2013    1 Comments

Let's create a cool looking Private Message Sidebar Icon Count with CSS, HTML and PHP. The message count will increase upon new messages received. Nice colors, easy on the eyes, a bit of a Google icons style, ...

Styling The Breadcrumbs Link Tree In SMF

Tutorials    Sep 07, 2013    2 Comments

Most custom SMF templates and default theme do not have the link tree styled. This tutorial is not for all themes but you can implement it based on the theme's style.  We're going to make it look...

Create a Pulldown Drawer

Tutorials    Sep 06, 2013    0 Comments

Let's create a simple pulldown drawer with Javascript, html and some CSS love. We can use this with a HTML block and/or with PHP for custom links, messages, news and everything else that come...

Using Font-Awesome Icons With Simple Machines

Tutorials    Sep 02, 2013    0 Comments

Font Awesome, the iconic font designed for Bootstrap gives you scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized size, color, drop sh...

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